Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The cats love their momma

Whenever Lorrin comes over, the cats are alerted to her arrival by the beep-beep of her door locks being activated electronically. When they hear it, they come running.

Lorrin has been in Australia over the holidays, so the cats haven't seen her for a few weeks. Sitting upstairs the other evening with the munchkins about me, one of my neighbors came home and beep-beeped their door locks. Suddenly the room emptied as the cats ran downstairs to greet Lorrin, who was still in Australia. When I followed them down, they were crouched expectantly at the top of the stairs leading from the foyer. They all looked up at me and back at the door expecting Lorrin to open it and step in.

It's nice to see how the cats have taken to her. Grendel is anybody's friend, but the girls, Rhiannon and Maebh, are choosier. That they love Lorrin is a good indication that I have the right woman in my life.

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