Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stupido ergo sum

Back in June, I noticed in my online mortgage statement that I was getting a refund for overcharges on my monthly escrow payment. Oh boy, MAD MONEY! The amount to be refunded was $600.07 and I was told to expect it in early July. So, after about July 4, I checked the mail every day eagerly expecting my check. Each day was a disappointment: no check for you.

The days drew on into August. Long since then, I had resolved to call the mortgage bank and ask what was up, but, you know, I procrastinate. Finally, earlier this month I called and made arrangements to have another check sent. There was no record of the check being cashed, so they stopped it and issued a new one. Joy! MAD MONEY! Again. The new check arrived yesterday.

As you may have figured by now, I live with cats; they are very forgiving of my slothful housecleaning habits as long as the poo-boxes are clean. Mostly the problem is the vacuum-like nature of horizontal spaces. Everything winds up there; the cats don't nag (they wind up there, too). Occasionally, I go through stacks of mail to sort out things to toss and things to shred. I pay all my bills online, so I don't pay much attention to what comes in--unless I'm expecting something. The dining room table (I generally eat out, standing up, or sitting in front of the TV) is catch-all number 1.

While sorting today, down at the bottom of the pile of ignored mail, there it was. The check. The stopped check. The first check that I told the mortgage company had never arrived. It had come in late June, before I expected it and so under the radar. What a dope I am. Nevertheless, all is well that ends well. I have a check for $600.07 of MAD MONEY to cash and a clean dining table to boot.

This is just in time for some more Crusader Miniatures Carthaginians, Spanish, Celtiberians, and Numidians. Look for news of more painting...

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