Saturday, August 2, 2008

She sang to her cats

I got the disturbing news yesterday that a co-worker of mine had been mudrered by her recently estranged husband, who then killed himself. I didn't know Melissa personally. My only connection was that we were both members of the same e-mail group at work, a group where we shared pictures, stories, and other information about our cats. Melissa was mostly a lurker on the group, but de-lurked from time to time. I have a picture she shared back in March of her husband with two of their cats. It's tragic and creepy to look at it now. He doesn't look evil, so how could he have done such an evil, selfish thing?

More recently, Melissa related how she sang to her four cats, Beau, Fuzzy, Little Bits, and Pandora, making up words to other songs for each of them. She said that, not having children, the way she treated her cats was her substitute mother instincts kicking in.

Her death was a tragic loss and a stupid, senseless waste. Only 36, she was a brilliant woman with a bright future. Rest in peace, Melissa.

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