Sunday, July 13, 2008

My gun jammed!

I went shooting yesterday with my friend Phil. Every now and then, we go out on a Saturday for dim sum at Noble Court in Bellevue, WA and then down a few blocks to Wade's to shoot. I brought my Cimarron Arms .45 SAA and my Beretta Px4 Storm.

I fired 200 rounds from the Beretta and then switched to the .45. It's like night and day as far as recoil. The 9mm Beretta doesn't give much kick; the .45, shooting 260 grain LC rounds, lets you know you're shooting it. After 50 rounds in the .45 (all that I had left), I switched back to the Beretta. After 100 more rounds, I had a bullet that wouldn't seat in the chamber. I though it was just a misfeed, so I ejected it, fired the last rounds in the magazine, and then reinserted the misfed round into the magazine to try it again. This time it jammed solid and I haven't been able to extract it. Being a live round, I am loth to fiddle with it, which means I have to take it to a gunsmith this week. Darn.

My 9mm rounds are reloads, which so far have been very reliable. I can't say why the round misfed and jammed. The pistol was clean when I started firing.

I'm flummoxed about the .45 LC rounds, too. I use an HSM 260 gr. JHP round that I get from Surplus Ammo. com. I bought 250 rounds at a WAC gun show last year for a fairly cheap price. I shoot at an indoor range that requires all rounds to be jacketed (so no toxic leadsmoke). Most of the available ammo for .45 LC is cowboy action rounds (180 gr. lead cap). The HSM are harder to get because Surplus Ammo only carries them occasiaonally. I haven't found any gun dealer in the Seattle area that carries HSM, and ordering direct from HSM is a bit of a hassle.

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