Sunday, July 13, 2008

I watched part of a game of Field of Glory yesterday. The game was between two new players and I kibitzed for a few turns. (Someone else was the official kibitzer.) Field of Glory (FoG) is the new new thing in ancients wargaming. I've played several games so far and am trying to get the ancients gamers in my area involved with regular play and, later, tournaments. FoG has revitalized ancients for me. It's a period I've always loved and my library is full of books on Greece, Rome, and the ancient Near East.

I cut my gaming teeth playing ancients and it has remained for me the most compelling era to game. Watching the game yesterday, an ersatz battle between Romans and Carthaginians, I couldn't help but feel happy that FoG had returned ancients gaming to an enjoyable pastime. I feel released from the dark night of DBM (De Bellis Multitudinus), which I played as the only option. FoG brings back the use of units (battlegroups) as the main tactical element. No more futzing around with single bases, no more cheese.

I will be posting more about FoG as events unfold.

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