Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pikes and periwigs

I finally completed my first battalion for my 1672 project. As I posted earlier, it's regiment Vivarais (with azure coats because that's what my Susane print shows). Also, at this time it was Regiment D'Albret. You never realize how much bloody detail is on these figures until you paint them. I finished and based the pike stands about two days before I completed the musketeers. Those bandoliers are tedious.

This is a good start to the project—along with the rules Pike & Periwig that are progressing along. What's nice about having the unit painted is that I get a better feel for how my ideas actually translate to figures and bases.

The possible formations for an infantry regiment are spelled out on page 11 of my rules:
My inspiration for the page was Bill Protz' set of English Civil War rules (Wargamers Guide to the English Civil War) where he used similar diagrams:

It's funny how those diagrams (and the letters PEP DOS) have stayed in my head for more than 30 years...

These diagrams also nicely represent the look of 17th c. drill manuals:

Which is the feel I'm going for with the rules. The formations, now that I can actually try them out, are Line:

Close Order:


And March Order:

Next up is a squadron of cavalry and some guns. I will also clean and prime another unit of foot. I may get ambitious and get two ready. I think I'll go with two battalions of the Regiment Picardie (in actual gray coats). I have the flags coming from GMB Designs.

I also have two partially-painted Savoyard battalions that I started a long time back when Bill Stewart, Rich Knapton, Doug Hamm, and I were conspiring on an earlier version of this project. So far, only one stand of pikes is completed and based:

This is on a single 60mm x 60mm base, so I'll rebase them on two 60mm x 30mm bases. I also need to replace my home-brewed flag with one of the ones that I found recently.


  1. Excellent painting and basing, David. Interesting formations too. Best, Dean

  2. What colors did you end up using for the French coats?

    I ask because you say they're azure, but they look gray to me.

    I'm kind of amazed you had trouble with the fiddly bits on the 1672 Frenchmen. I had no trouble whatsoever with the bandolier and apostles. I found them very easy to paint, especially compared to the Warlord ones I am struggling through right now!

  3. I used Vallejo Azure (902), which is a sort of grayish blue. I applied a base coat full saturation and then a scrub over that using a lightened shade of the same paint.

    There's a blurred line between gray and blue. The pictures may not do them justice, but they have a definitely blush tint.

    I'll use true gray for Picardie.

  4. The units turned out looking nice. Is anyone else working on some units so that you'll get a chance to play?

  5. I'm hoping to spark some interest. Chris Craft has mentioned that he likes the North Star 1672 range and has been thinking about painting some. Doug already has several units painted as of a few years back (his are the older Dixon Grand Alliance line done by Coppelstone). Bill started some, but I think he's been working on other projects.

  6. David,

    These look great! I may have to revive the aborted project. The only problem is that you started with non-French units and I started with French. How can one reconcile two French armies?


  7. Civil War. The Fronde continues...

    I intend to paint other nations as well. I still have the Savoy regiments I've been working on.

  8. Great looking unit and nice basing!


  9. Great looking figures, love the coat colour!