Monday, January 16, 2012

Cabin Fever

The Seattle area has had its first major snow of the winter. Up to now we've been blissfully spared. Unlike other places where it snows, it snows here infrequently and the cost/benefit ratio for equipping the region to have snow clearance is nil. Therefore, when it snows, the roads are undriveable (except by morons whose corroming off parked cars on icy roads is a staple on YouTube).

Particularly undriveable is the hill that leads from my town home out to the main road. So, when it snows, I'm stuck at home. The Z just won't do that hill.

Being stuck at home is not without its consolations. I have ample time to read, eat, paint, eat, bond with the cats, eat, etc. Sunday was rather pleasant. I spent it reading by the fire with cats lounging about me. I managed to finish Harry Sidebottom's latest Warrior of Rome book, The Caspian Gates.

Rhiannon, my heat pig, enjoying the crackling fire
Today I'm working at home. It's nice to have a job with remote access where I can do everything here that I could do there—except be interrupted by coworkers who randomize me throughout the day. But then, their remote access only means that they can't randomize in person. I've been working for one hour so far, and already I'm doing something I hadn't planned on doing today.

I didn't paint. I should have. I have so many projects I want to work on. I just felt no desire to sit at my painting table. I seem to be most eager to paint only when I must be doing something else (like working). With time on my hands, I tend to be more indolent.

Grendel is intrigued by this cold white stuff, but not for long
While Grendel wanted to tip-toe through the snow on the veranda, I preferred not to stir. There's a store within walking distance for when I run out of food, but I don't relish the walk. I may venture out today, however.

The snow looks to last through mid-week. I hope it's the last snow of the season as well as the first. I've spent too much time living in snowy places to have any interest in winter wonderlands. I can enjoy being inside only for so long. After a few days of this, I may go crazy.

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