Monday, December 22, 2008

It's the Snowpocalypse!

So, I've been snowed in since Thursday afternoon when the latest episode of our snowstorm hit. Here in the Puget Sound area, it just doesn't snow on a regular basis. In the 17 years that I've lived here, most winters go by without a single day of snow and the years when it does snow, it's usually just a light frosting that melts by midday.

It's quite a shock to be dealing with this for more than a week. The region isn't equipped to deal with heavy and long-term snowfall, so everything just stops, except for the few crazies on the road who think their Subaru is an Arctic tractor. The snow hit last Saturday evening and has been falling intermittently ever since. Monday through Wednesday were three days of slight warming that gave way to a snowfall starting Thursday afternoon that remained pretty steady through Sunday.

I am snowbound. Like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. That turned out well.

Evil snowy buildup on the back veranda and hummingbird feeder

My beloved Nissan 350z is a total wanker in the snow. I see my neighbors hopefully digging out their SUVs and AWD vehicles only to have them slip and spin uphill out of the townhome complex wherein Stately Chez Dave is located. The Z couldn't even make it out of the garage.

Digging out the family car--NOT a tradition in Lynnwood

I took advantage of barely drivable conditions earlier in the week to stock up on food, so I don't have to contend with my cats over which of us will eat the other. I am, however, jonesing for a latté and the nearest Starbuck's is too far to walk to. Which is ironic because in the mail that arrived sometime on Friday or Saturday (which I didn't bother going out to pick up until Sunday), I got a Starbuck's gift card that sits here taunting me.

Weather conditions look iffy for the next week. I worked at home all last week and continue so today and tomorrow. Starting Wednesday, I'm off until Jan 5. At this point I don't know when I'll be able to leave the house. I'm almost down to surviving on canned soups and chili. Of course, I have Fritos to go with the chili, so it's not that dismal...

The cats are holding up well. They're indoors all the time anyway, so having me snowbound just gives them more opportunity to pester and annoy me as they demand my obedience to their every whim.

"I don't care if it's snowing, Dave. Go out and get the freakin' marshmallows before the fire dies down!"

I have plans for the holidays--some already dashed, others doubtful. I can stay at home and read or paint. Mostly I post on Facebook about how much I hate the snow.

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