Drumbeat 2020

Drumbeat, NHMGS' annual mid-winter game day begun by Dick Larsen, will return for 2020 at the Lake City Community Center in Seattle. This is the same location we've been in for the past several years. It's an excellent place for gaming. There's plenty of light, tables, and chairs with lots of elbow room. Your small donation of $10.00 will help cover the rental fee.

Hours for gaming are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

We'll have two informal gaming periods, morning and afternoon. Dividing the day into halves enables someone to host two games for the day or players to play two games in the day. A game host can also run one large game as an all-day event.

Bring and buy
Drumbeat will have space available for a bring and buy. You can sell off your long unused toys and/or buy new toys.

Gaming tables
Most tables are 8' x 6' (two 8' x 3' put together), but there are some 6' x 3' tables that you could use to create odd sizes.

Open gaming
We prefer that you schedule an event you're hosting so you can get people interested in coming for your game. But you can also set up a game at the spur of the moment.

Contact information
If you want to host a game, please contact David Sullivan (me) at dsullivan1266@gmail.com.

Morning games (9:00ish to Noonish)

Pikeman's Lament: Cnoc Uí Chinnéide
English vs. Irish during Tyrone's Rebellion ca. 1596. Irish forces attempt to seize a position atop Cnoc Uí Chinnéide (Kennedy's Hill) before English reinforcements can come to bear. 28mm figures using The Pikeman's Lament rules. Space for 6 players.
David Sullivan
Ambush at Inverlair
A British Relie͏f column heading to Fort Augustus is Ambushed by the Jacobites.  Can the Government Troops survive, protect the wagons, and push through to relieve Fort Augustus. Rebels and Patriots rules. Room for 4 Players.
Chris Craft
Lion Rampant
Medieval mayhem during the 100 Years War. 28mm using Lion Rampant rules.
Kevin Smyth
Battle of Lake Erie
American and British squadrons bash it out on the inland seas. 1/700 scale ships using Black Seas rules from Warlord Games. Room for 6-8 players.
Gary Greiss
Skirmish at New Garden Meeting House
We'll be recreating the action on March 15, 1781 at 10:00 am at the New Garden Meeting House after Tarleton's initial cavalry retreat and he was joined by the German infantry, which stood firm against Lee's advance. Americans are the attackers and the British are the defenders. 28mm figures using Rebels and Patriots rules. Room for 4 players.
Ralph Holloway
Lewis Dorrington
Will Depusoy
3025 era Battletech Meat-grinder
Each player starts with a light mech, once destroyed they can choose a medium, then heavy, then assault mech.  All pilots are Gunnery 3 Piloting 4.  Models and record sheets will be provided.
Doc Marshall
Battle of the Pelennor Fields
Gondorians and Rohirrim fight the forces of Sauron outside the walls of Minas Tirith. 28mm Lord of the Rings miniatures using Heroes of Erewhon rules. Room for 6 players.
Mike Lombardy
Troy Wold
Dean Clarke
Battle of Shiloh
Albert Sidney Johnston vs U.S. Grant on the banks of the Tennessee River. 6mm figures using Altar of Freedom rules. Room for 4 players.
Lawrence Bateman
Damond Crump
The Last of the Mohicans - Retreat from Fort William Henry
The Indians ambush the column of British soldiers, militia and civilians as they retreat from Fort William Henry.
Can Hawkeye rescue Cora and Alice? Can Magua kill the Grey Hair and put his children under the knife? 28mm miniatures using Musket and Tomahawk Rules. Room for 6 players.
Daryl Nichols

Afternoon games (Noonish to 4:30ish - we have to be out by 5:00)

Seven Years War
Austrians and Russians attack a strong Prussian position in a scenario inspired by the Battle of Hochkirch in 1758. 15mm miniatures using Osprey's Honors of War rules. Room for 2 to 6 players. [CANCELED]
Norris Hazelton
Steve Puffenberger
Battle of the Trebia River
Northern Italy, 218bce, one of the coldest winters in memory.  Will Hannibal's tired and depleted army bring down the Roman republic, or will Tiberius Sempronius Longus cover himself with glory and clinch the impending consular election?  Played using 1/72 plastic miniatures and Triplex Acies rules.
Bryan Booker
Off Kruucked Straits
Off the coast of Malta French ships face off against British for control over an independent port. 1/700 scale ships using the Black Seas rules from Warlord games. Room for 5 players.
Sven Luger
Race for the Dan
American units attempt to withdraw north across the Dan River with British units hot on their heels trying to thwart their escape. Rebels and Patriots rules. Room for 6 players.
Kevin Smyth
David Sullivan
Dave Schueler
Operation Bagration
Eastern Front. Red Army assault on a German defensive position to gain high ground for follow up bridge capture and river crossing. 15mm miniatures using Battlegroup rules. Room for 4 players.
Ron Kruzie
3025 era Battletech Meat-grinder
Each player starts with a light mech, once destroyed they can choose a medium, then heavy, then assault mech.  All pilots are Gunnery 3 Piloting 4.  Models and record sheets will be provided.
Doc Marshall


  1. I need to make every effort to attend; haven't been to one of these in long time. I think the last time we all walked to to Dick's for burgers.

    1. We'll have a table for you. You can run your FPW or Desert games—or both!

  2. How does signing up to play in a game work? Is it done ahead of time or at the event? Also, are you expected to know how to play that system ahead of time?

    1. There’s no signup. Drumbeat is a more informal event than Enfilade. You should be able to find space in most games. The people who host the games will be happy to take on newcomers to the rules they’re using.