Friday, December 27, 2019

Thither 1672

In a previous post, I considered which direction to go with my 1672 project. A few years back, I purchased piles of the Northstar 1672 range (formerly Copplestone Glory of the Sun range). At the time, I was going great guns with writing my own rules, Pike & Periwig. While still a noble project, I'd lost momentum and haven't got it back yet. That left me wondering what to do with all the figures I have, mostly partially painted or just bare lead.

After properly pondering the matter, I've settled on The Pikeman's Lament for many reasons. The rules are easy to learn, fun to play, open to house rules, great to run with larger games in convention settings. I'm a huge fan of living rampantly. It's only natural that I've settled the question the way I have.

Now that my course is set, I've been churning out minis for the project and have in mind a large game for Enfilade!, our local convention in May. I've been helped a lot by the fact that I had several minis partially painted from back when I was writing my own rules.

I also have a few units painted and based, which is problematic. I hate rebasing. I'll need to spruce up and dip the minis to make them match my current style. However, the biggest issue is that the infantry units for Pike & Periwig are 18 figures: 5 pikemen, 10 musketeers, 1 ensign, 1 sergeant, 1 drummer. The units painted can't be re-used as Pikeman's Lament units as is; the numbers are wrong.

So far, I have completed and based a unit of French pikemen. They carry flags for Régiment de Picardie, but the uniform is the standard French gray coats with gray cuffs, a uniform worn by a large number of the French regiments in this period. In the French Wikipedia article I saw a picture of a different uniform with a white coat and red vest, cuffs, trousers, and hose. That's the first I've seen of it and I'm not sure if it's correct. The Osprey title on Louis' army has, as I've painted, gray coats with gray cuffs and no information on vest, trousers, and hose.

The distinctions I'm making between gray-coated, gray-cuffed units will be the flags and the trim such as the aiguillettes, hat bands, trousers & hose. I gave Picardie red aiguillettes, hat bands, and hose with green-brown trousers. I'm working on Regiment Normandie, which will have blue distinctions and also black cuffs for the sergeants and officers.

I have one unit of 6 grenadiers completed and based.

I have a unit of 12 Swiss musketeers completed and based, with another 12-figure unit in the works along with 12 Swiss pikemen.

I have two 12-figure musketeer units painted and dipped for Régiment de Picardie  at this point. I only need to brush on the matte varnish, base them, give 'em a last spritz of dullcote et voila!

I also have some artillery with gunners and an officer figure [actually the Louis XIV figure by Phoenix Games, which is no longer available.]

Finally, I just dipped some French dragoons. I'll eventually have three 6-figure units that will be a mix of dismounted, mounted, and standing horses.

I have a smattering of already-begun French units that I need to finish, likely in the upcoming week, which I have off from work. These units are the second Swiss musketeers, Swiss pikemen, a second unit of 6 grenadiers, and a unit of French cavalry.

After that, I'm starting a few units of English that will include two 12-figure musketeer units and a 12-figure pike unit that I'll paint in red and green as the Coldstream Guards [notably the future regiment of Rudolf Rassendyll]:

I've also got some firelock figures that I'll use for a 12-figure musketeer unit of the Buffs in yellow and red. These were originally marines and eschewed both matchlock and pike. They'll be veteran shot in TPL terms.

I'm pretty happy with this direction. I'm very happy with how quickly I'm churning out units. The dip has—as I've written many times before—revolutionized my painting output. Since November, I've painted more figures than I'd manage in a whole year using my pre-dip technique. My only regret is that I don't paint eyes. They're nor really visible on the table top, but the lack of them shows in close-ups when whole regiments have the Orphan Annie look: